Recently I added a new 35mm film camera to my collection. Known to many as the best rangefinder camera ever made and to others as a poor man’s Leica, the Olympus 35SP is certainly something special.


I’ve always been interested in rangefinder cameras, mainly for their small size and overwhelming praise among the street photographer community. I wanted something versatile enough to be a beast on the street and a useful addition to my portrait shoots. Fortunately, the 35SP is exactly what I was looking for.

Luna Park
promised neverland

The G. Zuiko 42mm f 1.7 lens is a lovely focal length, in fact, Olympus call it the “perfect normal.” It is intended to be as close to the exact focal length of the human eye, so when you lift the camera up to your face and press the shudder, what you capture within the frame is just an extension of what you see.  I can see why this camera is so beloved by street photographers.



The camera is also surprisingly useful in portrait/fashion shoot situations. The minimum focus distance of the lens is 2.7 feet so up close beauty shots are not really achievable. Luckily for my style of photography which usually utilizes more of the scene when shooting my models, the camera absolutely delivers.



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