It’s not often that I buy a new digital camera. My go to digital workhorse for the last two years has been the Sony a7. That isn’t changing any time soon. It’s full frame sensor housed in a mirrorless body allowing it to be paired with basically any vintage lens is a level of versatility that I will always value. The Fujifilm X100t is something completely different. It has a fixed 23mm lens tucked away in a small form factor making it a very capable travel camera. But what truly made me pull the trigger on this new addition is the built in customizable film simulations which produce very film like shots straight out of the camera. Here I used a film recipe to replicate a favorite film stock of mine, Kodak Portra 400. The results were surprisingly pleasing. That built in film simulation feature (which is only available on fujifilm cameras) is to me worth the price alone because it allows me to capture some of that film-esque character on digital without having to spend time editing my photos in lightroom.

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